I currently have my Keychain Fidget toys on Etsy.

It comes in two sizes, and you can choose the colors you want; red, white, blue, green, orange (dark orange), and black. The thinner one has a ~8.2mm thick "roller" part which is the face where your fingers go when you use it. In the pictures it's the red and black one.

The thicker one has a ~9.5mm "roller". In the pictures it's the blue and white one. They both roll very smooth, and the larger one gives a little more for larger fingers like mine. The difference between the sizes is that the larger one has two extra links in each "roller", and the thinner model is a little more jingly when you shake it.

Great little hand toy for meetings or conference calls. I was recently at a training summit and made one of these before I left. It helped me stay more focused by relieving my urge to do something else. Especially being such multitaskers as we are these days.

Click the picture to see and purchase it. They start at $8 with free shipping.

Recently I've been working on making molds and castings. In the past, like ten years ago, I cast plastics using casting resin and catalyst. It was so many drops of catalyst per ounce, measuring was difficult, and castings either came out brittle or sticky.

Now that I've returned to the stuff I've really wanted to do, the materials are so much easier to work with. Plastics are liquid now, mix by equal parts volume, and there's silicon you don't need vacuum chambers for.

I worked in the IT industry for 15 years or so, but in my previous life I worked in a foundry. It was my favorite job. Although the work was very strenuous, it was rewarding to see the fruits of your labor as pours went through the day, and when you went home you were stress free. I did end up leaving because of how physically demanding it was, and how very hot it gets especially during the summer.

The owner of the foundry made jewelry at home in his "gold slinger"; that's how I referred to it for years as I didn't know any better, and when I worked at the foundry wasn't before the internet but before it could be used to get good information. I've wanted to cast precious metals ever since and always thought it would be very expensive to make a small cast. Of course I was wrong you can do just about anything other from your house if you know how. And I'm the king of watching informational YouTube videos.

I say this not having actually cast anything yet, I am working on molds first so I can make something nice when I do my first cast. I do have a nice little starter kit from eBay, a MAP torch, greensand, Plaster of Paris, fireclay... I just want my first cast to be something cool not just a blob of silver. I've done that by accident enough trying to anneal in sunlight and not paying attention. I'm going to put some sand in some POP mix to make my first pour but it'll be like an ingot mold/block mold like an ice tray. I like working with FIMO, but it doesn't like to be put in or around POP.